LSK (Lisk)

LSK (Lisk)

This step by step guide will walk through the exact method you can take to buy LSK.


Firstly you will need accounts with the following websites:

Step 1. Buy Ethereum

Once you have accounts with these you will need to start on Coinbase and purchase some Ethereum coins, the screenshot below shows where you can do this by clicking the Buy/Sell button and then selecting Ethereum:

How to buy LSK-1

Step 2. Transfer Ethereum

Once the Ethereum has been purchased we then need to transfer it over to Binance where we can trade it for LSK the screenshot below shows how you can get your deposit address to send the Ethereum to:

How to buy LSK-2

Clicking the Deposit button will then bring the below screen up where you can copy the address which you will need to then input in to Coinbase

How to buy LSK-3

Now that we have the Deposit address copied, go back to Coinbase and click account and then send next to Ethereum as per the below screenshot:

How to buy LSK-4

This will then change to a screen where you can paste in the address that we copied 2 steps ago from Binance:

Once the funds have been sent you will need to wait anywhere up to about 20 minutes for the transfer to go over, once it has gone over you will see it under Funds -> Deposits Withdrawals (the second screenshot on this how to guide)

Step 3. Buy LSK

You will now be able to buy LSK, simply hover over Exchange and click Basic:

How to buy LSK-6

This will then bring up the purchase screen, here we will click on ETH and then in the search box type in LSK, click the entry that will appear ‘LSK/ETH’ and then decide how much of the Ethereum you want to trade for LSK then click the green buy LSK button

How to buy LSK-7

Congratulations you should now have LSK in your Binance wallet (the transaction can take about 5-10 minutes to go through)